Thanks to our Launch Sponsor: Rocket Lift

Rocket Lift isn’t just any sponsor. They’re our first sponsor!

But more than that — Rocket Lift is… well, us. That is to say, Hard Refresh is a project of Rocket Lift.

So, who is Rocket Lift? A web agency serving organizations that make a difference, with super-custom design, development, and marketing services. We are a talented team of designers and developers who care a whole lot about doing good work and making the world a better place. We’re based in Portland, Oregon in the United States, and work with people from all over the world.

Rocket Lift specializes in ongoing support for mission-critical websites as a long-term partner. We turn around development projects that have gone off the rails. We support teams by customizing workflow, and adding processes and systems that stabilize volatility. Managers love how we help them reduce complexity and technical debt, and thus risk.

Some of Rocket Lift’s clients are Colette Patterns, United Social Sports, and US Chess.

Rocket Lift created Hard Refresh because we wanted to listen to something like it, but it didn’t exist yet. We’re thrilled to tell stories about exciting work in our industry, which is often high stakes and challenging, but usually invisible. We want to cast light on the hidden drama and glory of keeping the digital lights on.

Hard Refresh is Rocket Lift’s love letter to our industry.