WP Tavern gives some background on Hard Refresh

WPTavern.com, a premier WordPress news sites, published a writeup on our new show!

WP Tavern Editor Sarah Gooding interviewed our executive producer Matthew Eppelsheimer. They got into the backstory for how Hard Refresh came to be, where the show’s name came from, and how we hope to stand out amongst the many other WordPress-oriented podcasts.

We also divulged some facts about the many hours of work that went into our first episode:

Many technical podcasts don’t follow this format because it’s very time-consuming. Eppelsheimer said his team spent more than 120 hours producing the first 30-minute episode, which amounts to more than four hours per minute. They conducted four interviews with the guests, held weekly editorial meetings for four months and produced four iterative drafts before publishing the final version.


We’re grateful to WP Tavern for helping us spread the word!

Head on over to give it a read.