A podcast about when things on the internet break

Hard Refresh was a podcast that told stories about the people who pick up the pieces when things on the Internet fall apart. Sadly, we have ceased production, but maybe we’ll be back someday. Meanwhile, you can still check out our episodes below, or on Apple Podcasts.

Episode 4: Production

Data is so fragile. Now that data has moved into the cloud, it’s more accessible, but also more ethereal. We love how easy it is to work with remote data, but we have to be even more careful about creating back up points and fail-safes.

This episode highlights web-based sewing pattern business Colette Patterns, and what happened when they accidentally destroyed some of their customer data.

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Episode 3: The EMyth Incident Revisited

This is the story of how a web development company was really excited to launch an updated version of its own website, and it went wrong in just about the worst way possible.

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Episode 2: 4.2.3

Richard Tape runs one of the largest WordPress MultiSite installations in the world. One day thousands of them broke without notice, when the WordPress shortcodes API changed. It shook Rich’s faith in the WordPress project.

Listen and download from the show page.

Episode 1: The Phantom Subscriptions

Pippin Williamson had a big problem: Thousands of business owners were charging the wrong people for subscriptions to their products — because of his software.

No pressure, Pippin! You got this.

Listen and download from the show page.

Love for Hard Refresh

Nobody is doing anything like it in the WordPress community.

— Sarah Gooding, Editor at WPTavern.com

This show is awesome! Great work on this y’all!!

— Tim Smith, host of The East Wing

I love the production of this show… It was “information theater!” It’s like “conjunction junction” meets podcast. I want everything I learn to be this fun.

— “Shawn, the Artist”

Thanks for having us on. Loved the episode and can’t wait for the next!

— Chris Klosowski, Co-lead Developer of Easy Digital Downloads