Episode 4 – Production

Data is so fragile. Now that data has moved into the cloud, it’s more accessible, but also more ethereal. We love how easy it is to work with remote data, but we have to be even more careful about creating back up points and fail-safes.

Today’s story highlights web-based sewing pattern business Colette Patterns, and what happened when they accidentally destroyed some of their customer data.

About Our Guests:

kenn02Kenn Wilson is the co-founder of Colette Media and oversees the backend technology operations of the company. Apart from a short stint dabbling in spirits and cocktail writing and events, he has worked in web development and systems administration since 2000 as an independent consultant and on the staff of internet companies both large and small.

This Episode’s Music

Lullatone make sweet, sleepy, sine-wave-riddled songs with whispered lyrics, poppy melodies, and sparse, carefully arranged beats. Lullatone creators Yoshimi Tomida and Shawn James Seymour utilize children’s instruments, splashing water, household sounds, keyboards, glockenspiel, melodica, and electronic sounds to craft their delightful songs for both young and old. This duo truly embody the child’s spirit reminding us all that our bodies may grow old but our souls can stay forever young.

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